“Open innovation is… a more distributed, more participatory, more decentralized approach to innovation based on the observed fact that useful knowledge today is widely distributed, and no company, no matter how capable or how big, could innovate effectively on its own”

From why to how

In a rapidly changing business environment, we’re driven by a conviction that sustainable growth and innovation can only be achieved by leveraging external and internal ideas, expertise, and market pathways. This paradigm, known as Open Innovation, is central to our philosophy.

At the heart of this approach, we acknowledge that startups are not mere miniatures of large companies. By connecting corporations’ needs and market opportunities with the ingenuity and flexibility of startups, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures mutual growth.

Everything starts with a spark!

A two-sided journey working with corporates to understand its pains, challenges, opportunities and how to communicate it to startups, as well as supporting startups to connect, communicate, understand the corporate syllabus and how to capture pains & opportunities in the process. By fostering a relationship, the program will create a safe place, a sandbox, where both sides will be able to play and learn from each other. 

For that, we will use the Partner, Build, or Buy/Invest framework to support both sides in unlocking the potential of using the various mechanisms & tools that the Open Innovation approach offers to generate future value in H1, H2 and H3 innovation horizons.

Join Us on This Journey

Open Innovation is more than a business strategy; it’s a mindset. We invite you to join us on this journey as we spark new connections, build new ventures, and invest in future growth. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of innovation and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

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      WEEKS 1 & 2 | 18 - 29 September

      Understanding the basics of partner, build, buy/invest approach.

      Weeks 3 & 4 | 2 - 13 October

      Matching & Partnering: Learning to connect and collaborate.

      Weeks 5 & 6 | 16 - 27 OCTOBER

      Testing & Validating: Real-world applications of learning.

      Weeks 7, 8 & 9 | 30 OCTOBER - 24 NOVEMBER

      Developing a 90-day plan for post-program applications / Programwrap-up & demo Day.

      Sep 18th Sep 29th Oct 2nd Oct 13th Oct 16th Oct 27th Oct 30th Nov 6th Nov 20th
      Weeks 1 & 2
      Weeks 3 & 4
      Weeks 5 & 6
      Weeks 7 & 8
      Week 9

      Meet our

      Rodrigo de Alvarenga

      Henrique Nascimento

      Karin Künnapas

      Dirk Lehmann

      Anni Sinijärv

      Michelle Messina

      Mike Dias

      Miguel Fernandes

      + 62x

      that corporate startups are more likely to become large-scale businesses with revenues above $100 million than non-corporate startups.

      + 90%

      of the largest companies agree that building a new business has brought significant financial value to the company. 

      Why should I get involved?


      A proactive approach to the ecosystem involving: startups, new ideas, and technologies to respond to real challenges prioritised by companies based on potential results and impact generation approach from potential Return Over Innovation (ROI).


      Involvement of various areas representing different internal stakeholders that relate to the challenges ahead, also forming engaged teams that will be working to maximise resources and results.


      Through our network,
      active scouting of startups, multivariate and multisectorial technologies and solutions for the challenges.


      Approach and methodology to connect companies to startups, demonstrate the possibilities of joint work and ensure mutual learning and team engagement to demonstrate how to conduct small-scale tests to validate hypotheses.


      Introduce to companies and startups the possibilities after the Startup Program: Partner, Build, Buy/Invest. How to evaluate and apply these models to scale solutions individually or in conjunction with PBS and its network of partners.


      On the corporate side, the programme is aimed at a multidisciplinary team of a maximum of five and a minimum of two participants per company, including profiles such as:


      • Innovation Directors;
      • Strategy Directors;
      • Product Development Directors;
      • Finance Directors;
      • Sustainability or ESG Directors;
      • Marketing Directors;
      • Digital Transformation Directors.


      From the point of view of startups, teams of two to three people per startup are considered, with at least one co-founder or executive included in this group, and they must work in one or more fields regarding:


      • Biotechnology;
      • Decarbonisation;
      • Climate Change;
      • Nature-based solutions;
      • Agrotechs;
      • Other related topics.


      From the point of view of startups, the programme is aimed at a team of two to three people per startup, with at least one co-founder or executive, and they must work in the field of:

      • Biotechnology;
      • Decarbonisation;
      • Climate Change;
      • Nature-based solutions;
      • Agrotechs;
      • Other related topics.

      What do I gain participating?

      1. Chance to connect with corporations interested in their areas of operation, potentially leading to partnerships or investment opportunities.
      2. Access to resources and guidance that can help them scale their products or services.
      3. Learning opportunities to understand the corporate landscape and how to adapt their approach to meet corporate needs.

      + 300 000 000

      startups are born globally per year, as of May 2023 (Statista, TechCrunch, Startups, Investopedia) and yours could be next!


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